You will be expected to read one authentic news article in Spanish each week. These article reviews are due each Friday (unless otherwise noted) and will count as a homework grade. You must include the url or title/site of the article with your assignment.

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Go to one of the websites below and read a story or news article, then complete the journal entry with the information requested in the format below. There are a wide variety of difficulty levels included here, so if something is too difficult, try another site/source.


La fuente (Name of the source-can be URL or name of website and title of article)

Información básica importante (¿Qué? / ¿Quién? / ¿Cuándo? / ¿Dónde?) 4-5 frases

  • You can write these in bullet point format

Tema principal (main idea) 4-5 frases

  • Paragraph form (Este articulo se trata de/This article is about...)

Mi reacción/opinión - 4-5 frases

5 Palabras Nuevas -

  • 5 New words that you learned, the definition of the word in English, and one original sentence using the word in Spanish

Use the following links to choose a site for your articles (Choose something that interests you):

Noticas en Espanol

People en Espanol

CNN en espanol